Remembering Aberfan

Following our story of how the Llandarcy Refinery provided support to the emergency services during the Aberfan disaster on 21 October 1966 in our August bps news, I’m grateful to Leslie (Les) Rees, ex BP Chemicals, Baglan Bay, South Wales, for pointing out that the Pantglas Junior School clock, which stopped at 09.13 on that terrible day, is now on display at The Welsh Heritage Museum at St Fagans, south Wales.

Les knows Howard Price, who provided the original story, as they were both trustee directors of the bp benevolent fund at one stage. Les has asked me to put him in contact with Howard and I’ve duly forwarded Les’ details to him.

Reading Howard’s account of this event in 1966, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one struck by the time it took for news of the disaster to get out. In today’s world of instant news, notifications and social media, the response would have been very much quicker and larger.

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