Edit a ticket

1. Basic Information
Basic information about the tickets. Will help other bps members understand what is included in the ticket price.
Ticket Region
By default, this is the same region as the event's region. The field is responsible for where the ticket payments go
Select the event this ticket is for
Ticket Name *
This is the name of your ticket. It is displayed on the frontend of your website and within ticket emails.
Ticket Description
This field is optional. Use it to provide additional important information about the ticket itself.
2. Ticket Sale Terms
Set the ticket dates, capacity and pricing here.
Start Sale *
This field is used to set when will the tickets be available for users to purchase from. By default, this is the event creation form.
End Sale
Use this field to set when the ticket purchase window closes. By default, this is the event date.
Discounted Price For Member & First Guest *
Discounted price for the member and first guest. The discounted ticket price applies to the first two ticket purchases only.
Full Ticket Price *
Enter ticket price in £ before discount is applied (eg. 25.00).
Ticket Capacity Tracking
You can limit the number of available tickets by choosing to track ticket capacity.
Ticket Capacity
If tickets are limited, set the maximum amount available here.
3. Menu Information
Information about the menu. Use the button to add courses like 'STARTER' or 'MAIN' and then add dish options for the user to choose from. They will be visible to you in the user order after the checkout.
Number of Courses

First Course Name

Second Course Name

Third Course Name

Ticket Status
You can save your ticket as a draft for future use, or publish it now.