Kevin Topham – TV star at 95!

Kevin Topham

We were delighted to see that Kevin appeared on the BBC Countryfile programme on Sunday, 2 April. The programme was about the secrets of Sherwood Forest and Kevin shared his knowledge about the discovery of oil in Dukes Wood and the important role it played in providing oil to power the bomber and fighter planes during the Second World War.

Dukes Wood became known as one of Churchill’s greatest secrets. Its significance grew particularly after the sinking of many British oil tankers and the need to find an alternative source for oil. Eakring’s nodding donkeys made a large contribution to the success of the war. American oilmen worked alongside their British counterparts and Kevin made the presenter laugh by saying that despite their valuable contribution: ‘the Yanks weren’t always popular with the British as they stole all their women!’

Well done Kevin, you were a natural.

Kevin Topham
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